The library currently has computers on the first floor that are available for Internet browsing, Microsoft Office applications, color, and black-and-white printing, and more. The library also has laptop computers that are available for checkout for use within the building. There are also computers available in the Teen Zone.

The Children’s Department on the second floor offers two sets of computers for children up to sixth grade. There are AWE early literacy computers with preselected, age-appropriate educational games installed. There are additional computers with Internet access, databases tailored to homework projects, word processing, and a shared printer to print school reports.

Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet access is available throughout the entire Library for customers who bring their own mobile computers and devices. No password is needed but acceptance of the library’s Internet Use Policy will be required. Patrons can connect to the CoW-Guest WiFi without the need of a password (CoW stands for City of Waukesha).

WiFi Hotspot Program

The Library has WiFi Hotspots that patrons can check out for one week and which provide unlimited data over a 4G/3G signal on the T-Mobile Network. Patrons can place holds on Hotspots and renew them up to three times if there are no current holds on the devices.

Printing/Wireless Printing

Printing is available on either floor at a cost of $0.15/page for black and white print jobs, and $0.25/page for color print jobs. Print jobs can be released on either floor. In addition to cash, the first floor printer has a credit card reader.

The Library also offers wireless printing from laptops, smartphones, and tablets both here in the library or from your home to one of the Library's public printers. Click here to access wireless printing over the Internet.

Need assistance? Call the Reference Desk at 262-524-3682 or download our Wireless Printing Instructions.

Scanning and Faxing

The Library has a BookScan scanning station which allows users to scan books, documents, and photos into .pdf, Word or jpeg files. Those files can then be sent to the print station ($0.15/page for black-and-white pages; $0.25/page for color), saved to a personal USB drive, uploaded to a Google Documents account, emailed, or faxed. Faxing from the scan station has a cost of $0.25/page for US/Canadian fax numbers or $1.00/page for international faxes. Patrons can pay with cash or credit card at this machine. The station cannot receive faxes. As of 2019 the BookScan can also scan and convert up to 100 different languages in text or audio files.

Microfilm Readers/Printing

Two digital microfilm/microfiche readers are available at the Library. They are capable of reading, printing, and saving articles to a flash drive. Printing from the microfilm readers is black and white and costs  $0.15/page.


The Library currently has one black and white copier and one color copier located near Studio 321 on the first floor. Copies are $0.15/black & white page and $0.25/color page. A change machine which accepts $1 and $5 bills is available.

Studio 321

Studio 321 has a variety of equipment available such as 3D printers, Cricuts, a Glowforge Laser Cutter, sewing machines, and more. For information about using the equipment, stop by Studio 321 or contact Amy, our Makerspace Coordinator, at 262-524-3746 or