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Policies & Procedures

A-1Use of LibraryHours of ServiceUpdated 09.03.2019
A-2Use of LibraryClass Visits and ToursUpdated 12.08.2022
A-3Use of LibraryMeeting Room PolicyUpdated 02.09.2023
A-4Use of LibraryUse of EquipmentUpdated 01.12.2023
A-4BUse of LibraryUse of Children's 3D PrinterAdopted 03.09.2017
A-6Use of LibrarySmoking and Tobacco UseUpdated 11.10.2022
A-7Use of LibraryWorld Wide Web AccessUpdated 02.10.2011
A-8Use of LibraryUse of Children's AreaUpdated 05.13.2010
A-9Use of LibraryPrivacy of Library Records and Library UseUpdated 01.12.2017
A-9BUse of LibraryFilming & PhotographyAdopted 01/12/2017
B-1Library ServicesOutreach ServicesUpdated 07.09.2009
B-2Library ServicesProgrammingUpdated 06.10.2010
B-3Library ServicesDisplays and ExhibitsUpdated 03.09.2023
B-4Library ServicesMaterials for Posting or DistributionUpdated 08.10.2017
C-1Circulation of Library MaterialsEligibility for a CardUpdated 08.10.2017
C-2Circulation of Library MaterialsLibrary Card ProceduresUpdated 03.09.2023
C-3Circulation of Library MaterialsLoan Periods and LimitsUpdated 12.12.2019
C-4Circulation of Library MaterialsRenewal of MaterialsUpdated 09.13.2018
C-5Circulation of Library MaterialsPlacing Materials on HoldUpdated 10.11.2018
C-6Circulation of Library MaterialsFees, Charges, and FinesUpdated 09.03.2019
C-7Circulation of Library MaterialsUnreturned Library MaterialsUpdated 08.08.2019
D-1Library CollectionMaterials SelectionUpdated 07.14.2022
D-2Library CollectionToy CollectionUpdated 12.08.2022
D-3Library CollectionRental CollectionUpdated 02.09.2023
D-4Library CollectionPublic Art CollectionUpdated 01.12.2023
D-5Library CollectionAuthor DonationsUpdated 03.12.2015
E-1Library StaffSTAFF PARKINGUpdated 11.10.2022
F-1OtherCooperation with Other Libraries and AgenciesUpdated 03.09.2017
F-2OtherSystem ParticipationUpdated 03.09.2017
F-3OtherUse of VolunteersUpdated 05.11.2017
F-4OtherAcceptance of Incentives for Special ProgramsUpdated 12.08.2022
F-5OtherDisposal of Surplus Library MaterialsAdopted 05.11.2017
F-6OtherNaming Rights and CommemorationUpdated 05.13.2021
F-7OtherGift AcceptanceUpdated 05.13.2021
XOtherCode of ConductUpdated 08.11.2022
XOtherWebsite Privacy PolicyUpdated 08.26.2016

Website Privacy Policy

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