How Do I_Pay Fines and Fees

Fines & Fees

Fines and fees can be paid in person at the Special Services Desk at the front of the Library or they can be paid online by logging into your CAFE account through the Library catalog. Credit cards are accepted at the Library and through the online interface.

Books$0.25 Per Day$8.00 Maximum
Compact Discs$0.25 Per Day$8.00 Maximum
PlayAways$0.25 Per Day$8.00 Maximum
Magazines/Pamphlets$0.25 Per Day$2.00 Maximum
Paperbacks/Board Books$0.25 Per Day$2.00 Maximum
Cliff Notes/Special Issues$0.25 Per Day$2.00 Maximum
Toys$0.50 Per Day$8.00 Maximum
Interlibrary Loan Materials$1.00 Per Day$10.00 Maximum
DVDs$0.50 Per Day$8.00 Maximum
WiFi Hotspots$1.00 Per Day$8.00 Maximum
Book Group Kits$1.00 Per Day$10.00 Maximum
Rentals$1.00 Per Day$8.00 Maximum

Non-Resident Card Fee

The annual fee for a non-resident card is $25.00. (See Policy C-1).

Blocked & Expired Cards

A customer's card is blocked when fines or charges reach $10.00. Library customers whose cards have been blocked will lose the ability to check out materials and will lose public access computer privileges until the condition causing the block has been resolved.

To ensure the accuracy and integrity of the customer database, library cards expire every eighteen months. All fines and fees must be paid in full to renew the card.

Outreach Fines & Fees

No fines will be charged for items checked out on an outreach card. This privilege is extended because customers in this category are confined to their homes due to illness, disability, or for other reasons. Therefore, they receive and return library materials based upon the outreach delivery schedule.

Printing & Photocopying

Photocopying & Printing (Black & White)$0.15 Per PageNo Limit
Photocopying & Printing (Color)$0.25 Per PageNo Limit
Microfilm/Microfiche Printing$0.15 Per PageNo Limit

Faxing Fees

US & Canada$0.25 Per PageNo Limit
International$1.00 Per PageNo Limit

Other Fines & Fees

Consult Policy C-6 for additional details regarding fines and other fees. Questions? Please call us at 262-524-3680 and we will be happy to assist you.