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Featured Artists - Jenni and Hannah Schwane

January - April 2020


Artists of the month, mother and daughter, Jenni and Hannah Schwane are excited to present a variety of their works of art at the Waukesha Public Library through April 30, 2020.

Both proud to be born and raised Waukesha residents and have enjoyed the artist community here in Waukesha as well as Milwaukee.  Although it seems to run in the family, they believe that creativity exists universally and just needs to find a way to be cultivated and tapped into.

Jenni is self-taught in fine art, although she has taken a wide range of university level courses over the years to qualify her as a fine artist. She has taught many classes and creative sessions for all ages mainly focused on painting and pottery. She loves to encourage those who feel a lack of creativity by offering fun, easy going creative juice sessions. Jenni is also a self employed hairstylist and volunteers part time at the Donna Lexa Art Center in Waukesha.

Hannah is currently a fine art major at University Wisconsin Whitewater with furthering education in mind. She has explored both 2 and 3D mediums. Bartending at 841 has helped her continue to afford staying in school and she is welcoming art commissions to help with her education as well.

Each of the ladies have done extensive creative studies in art mediums ranging from pottery, oil and acrylic paints, and inks, mixed media, charcoal and other drawing materials. They have taken several university classes together over the years as well as attended life drawing sessions.
Further bio information is located at gallery on the main floor of the Waukesha Public Library.

Interest in pursuing a work of their art contact at or 262-336-4597.

Rotating Art Collection

The Waukesha Public Library offers a gallery wall for Waukesha County artists to display two dimensional works of art. These works will complement the art on permanent display on the Library’s first floor. A different artist or group of artists will be featured on a rotating schedule.

The collection to be coordinated by the Library’s Public Art Committee seeks to: present a variety of works by local artists, help local artists increase their public exposure, and promote art throughout Waukesha City and County.

Interested artists need to complete the Application for Gallery Space, also available at the Reference Desk. Please contact Special Projects Coordinator Joan Quinlan at (262) 524-3694 or for more information.