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Public Art Collection

The Waukesha Public Library has a collection of public art on permanent display in the Library. The goal for its Public Art Collection is to enhance the community’s quality of life through art. Waukesha Public Library provides an exceptional setting for exhibiting works of art. These works, accessible to all citizens, inspire joy, provoke thought, and reflect the nature of our community.

The current collection represents a community commitment to the fine arts and serves as a statement of the pride that the citizens of Waukesha feel for their Library. Please come by the Library to view the pieces, or browse the collection online.

Public Art Committee Members

A Public Art Committee has been established by the Board. They are charged with overseeing all aspects of the collection, and their recommendations are subject to final approval by the Library Board. All art selections are based on the criteria set forth in the Public Art Policy approved by the Library Board. The art is funded by private monies donated by community members and the Friends group. A rigorous application and selection process ensures the highest quality of art. Members of the Committee, appointed by the President of the Board, may include representation from the Board, Library staff, the Friends of Waukesha Public Library, and the art community, as well as citizens interested in the Library’s art collection.

Lynn PrestonCommittee Chair and Art Consultant
Joan FrancoeurCommon Council Representative
Lynn GaffeyArtist and Gallery Owner
Barb ReinhartArtist and UW-Waukesha Associate Professor
Larry NelsonCitizen Member and Retired Educator
Chris AudleyManager at Gallery 1
Julie StockingerRetired Visual Arts Teacher
Sylvia TrewynCitizen Member
Rose SuraLibrary Board Trustee
Bruce GayLibrary Executive Director

Donate to the Public Art Fund

Please consider a generous donation to the Library’s Public Art Fund.

The cost of the Library’s public art program has been funded entirely with private dollars donated by generous community members and also by the Friends of the Waukesha Public Library. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to the Library’s Public Art Fund, please complete the form on the following page. Completed forms and donations may be dropped off at the Library or mailed to us. Thank you!

Waukesha Public Library
Public Art Fund
321 Wisconsin Ave
Waukesha, WI 53186

Rotating Art Collection

The Waukesha Public Library offers a gallery wall for Waukesha County artists to display two dimensional works of art. These works will complement the art on permanent display on the Library’s first floor. A different artist or group of artists will be featured on a rotating schedule.

The collection to be coordinated by the Library’s Public Art Committee seeks to: present a variety of works by local artists, help local artists increase their public exposure, and promote art throughout Waukesha City and County.

Interested artists need to complete the Application for Gallery Space, also available at the Reference Desk. Please contact Special Projects Coordinator Joan Quinlan at (262) 524-3694 or for more information.